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Life in Balance

How to stop chasing perfect & actually find balance in your life.

In this talk you'll learn...

...why perfect isn't actually the goal, how we get sucked into thinking it is, and what to do about it all.

..why the problem isn't a lack of motivation or discipline, and what you can easily do instead.

...how you can find balance and joy in your life no matter how overwhelmed, stressed, or maxed out you feel you are.

Living Life Organized

The dangers of being organized, and what to do about it!

In this talk you'll learn...

...how organized isn't something you are, it's something you do. As such anyone can live organized.

..the myths we've created about what it means to "be organized", & the truth around organization instead.

...what you  need to do to easily start living organized everyday.

A Cunning Plan

The lies & ways our stuff is used to prevent us from living up to our potential & loving life.

In this talk you'll learn...

...how the things in our home can distract us & what to do about it.

..the ways we get a false sense of accomplishment & purpose, and why that hurts us.

...what you need to do when you realize God is not asking us to add more to our "to do" lists, but is instead inviting us to change our lists.

Meet Emily Baker

Emily has always had a passion for three things in particular: connecting with others, organizing, & speaking. 

Emily has a beautiful ability to really see & treat others as their best possible self. She loves spending her time learning about what makes us different & using that knowledge to help bring understanding in our relationships as humans living life together.

While she's always had an affinity for organizing, she has also spent much of her life not being organized. 

This unique experience in both ends of the spectrum allows her to connect with her audience when she speaks in a way that is honoring to others; no matter where they are in their own experience of seeking more balance, ease and joy in life. 

She also enjoys spending her time reading, going on walks & being a wife to her high school sweetheart & mama to two adorable little boys! 

Mother, Professional Organizer, Coach, Speaker


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